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Office of International Enrollment

Carson-Newman's Office of International Enrollment provides assistance to international students related to both the admission and immigration processes.  Follow the links below to the program in which you are interested, and contact us with any additional questions that you may have.

Admission to Carson-Newman
Carson-Newman welcomes applications from qualified international students who seek a quality education at a small, private, liberal arts college. 
English Language Institute Admission Information
C-N offers intensive academic English classes for those international students who may need additional help with English before furthering their education.  Upon successful completion of the ELI Program, students may apply for admission to the undergraduate or graduate programs.
Undergraduate International Admission Information
The Undergraduate Program awards the same basic four-year university level degrees offered at most U.S. colleges and universities.  The Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor or Science, Bachelor of Music, and Bachelor of Science in Nursing are available in over 55 different majors and over 100 programs of study.
Graduate International Admission Information
C-N offers Master's Degrees in Nursing, Education, and Counseling

Important International Student Enrollment Information

  • Admissions Deadlines
  • Application Deadlines for International Student Applications (with all documentation needed for evaluation):
    • For the Fall Semester: June 1
    • For the Spring Semester: November 1
    • For the Summer Semesters: February 1
  • Undergraduate College Catalog
  • List of Credential Evaluators
  • English Languate Institute Homepage
  • Undergraduate Programs
  • Financial Assistance
  • NCAA Clearing House - Eligibility Center
  • Important International Student Enrollment Information
    • All tuition, fees, and charges are due each semester on or before class registration (including any residence hall activity fees).
    • Applications for admission will not be reviewed until all required documents are received and the mandatory application fee of $50 is paid.
    • Application fee waivers are not provided for international students.
    • Upon acceptance to Carson-Newman, students are required to submit a new student enrollment fee in order to receive the I-20 and a housing assignment.
    • Upon receipt of the I-20, students should complete the following:
      • Pay your SEVIS fee
      • Pay VISA Fee
      • Make a VISA appointment at the nearest US Consulate or Embassy
      • Prepare for your VISA interview and obtain your visa
  • Travel Information
  • International Student Orientation
  • C-N New Student Orientation
  • Search for Classes
  • Provisional Undergraduate Admission During ELI Enrollment
    • Students who have completed one semester of Level III ELI, but whose English Language skills are still assessed as deficient, may be provisionally admitted to the College. Admission provisions include: enrollment in up to 12 hours of undergraduate courses approved by the Director of ELI (not to include English Department courses and enrollment in Level III ELI. Students must meet the provisional admission requirements by successfully completing Level III in no more than two semesters by passing the ELI exit examination and receiving the recommendation of the ELI Director and the Department of English to enter freshman Writing and Literary Studies I.
  • Undergraduate Admission Following Completion of ELI
    • Upon successful completion of the ELI program, ELI students may apply for admission to the undergraduate program. The language requirement for admission will be satisfied with successful completion of the ELI program by passing the ELI exit examination and receiving written consent from both the Director of ELI and the Department of English. The application fee will be waived and the enrollment fee will be $400. Otherwise, the application procedures will be the same as for any other international undergraduate student.
  • Graduate Programs
  • Graduate Catalog


International Student Travel Arrangements

Travel arrangements should be made for you to arrive at Carson-Newman 1-2 days before International Student Orientation.  The date for Orientation will be sent to you in a letter from our Coordinator of International Student Services, and it is very important for you to participate in the events of orientation.  If you arrive more than 2 days before Orientation, transportation to campus and on-campus housing and meals may not be available.

Transportation is available for arriving new students.  Flight arrangements should be made to McGhee-Tyson Airport (Airport Code: TYS) in Knoxville, Tennessee. Be sure to use the airport name and code when making flight arrangements so your arrival will be scheduled for Knoxville. Someone from Carson-Newman will meet you at the baggage claim area in the airport and bring you to the college.  Your driver will hold a small sign that says, “Carson-Newman College.”  Please make sure you communicate your arrival information, including arrival date, time, and location, to the Coordinator of International Student Services as early as possible by faxing (attention: Phyllis Hoover) your flight information to (865) 471-4748 and emailing to

If you plan to live in on-campus housing, please be prepared to pay a $20 residence hall activity fee when you arrive on campus and check-in.  This$20 fee is charged each semester that you live on campus.  Some meals will be provided upon your arrival. However, if the college cafeteria is closed, you must be prepared to pay cash for meals off campus.  (Transportation will be provided.)


International Student Orientation Information

International Student Orientation is the first activity of your time at Carson-Newman, and will provide you with many chances to meet other new students and the staff of the Center for Global Education and to become familiar with the campus policies and procedures that apply to all CN students as well as those specifically for international students.  The date for International Student Orientation, as well as the time and location, will be communicated to you in an email from our Coordinator of International Student Services.  Please plan to arrive in Jefferson City 1-2 days early to attend International Student Orientation.

Some meals will be provided upon your arrival. However, if the college cafeteria is closed, you must be prepared to pay cash for meals off campus.  (Transportation will be provided.)